Gage Says His Spot is Permanent in Dancehall

What has changed? “noting nuh really change enuh, mi jus stop bleach” Gage answers to questions in a recent Entertainment Report interview done by Anthony Miller. With the fact that his song “good body gyal” is hot in the streets and getting good radio play, Gage is back in the spotlight.

“Anything weh gage duh people draw to it like controversy… like throat” he went on to explain that other artistes make similar songs but their songs don’t get a big buz like his raunchy song.



Gage was asked, what’s the secret ingredient to get hot? He explained that there’s no secret ingredient and “Some things tek time” Gage explains that some songs take time to get hot and equally some artistes take time to get hot while on the other hand some songs/artistes just get hot out of no where.

“there is always gage spot, yo cah come tek gage spot it is always there u nah mean suh there is a time like now when mi come find another hot song and just a shell the wul place again but Gage spot as always been there and will always be there” Gage explains that his spot is permanent in dancehall and he will always be in the mix.

Gage went on to explain that some “weird tings can buss outta dancehall” and come run the place. “Life is balance everything a happen” telling Anthony that he sings both good and bad gun songs as a balance.

gage tall

Gage urges upcoming artistes to focus on what they are doing and do it the right way “yuh affi step up yo game… yuh zimi yuh affi guh haad… yuh wi rich like god and come bruk like dawd inna this cah wi si people dweet”

“seh weh them wah seh, its dancehall” The colourful dancehall artiste explains that even if a person don’t like a song that don’t stop it from being dancehall.

“yo have some artiste if them come yah suh and deejay yo wonda how dem man yah nuh buss” Gage tells Miller that a lot of unknown artistes are out there and better than the artistes who are currently hot in dancehall.

gage and entourage

Is there always a crew? he answered saying “yuh cah expect seh every body ago follow back a mi”, he states that people carry entourage for different reasons, Gage brought ER to Grants Spen to for his interview.

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