Gage wants Fans to follow the Protocols until the virus stop

April 28, 2020

Gage engaged his fans with his new projects recently, he goes to the studio and put in the work. He still does music because he wasn’t very close to a lot of people before, therefore he was always social distancing.

He has not been performing as often as he did before, he had planned to be in the Caribbean with Tanya Stevens and he would be in other places as well, but the shows got canceled, Gage states that COVID-19 has a negative impact on his career.


The artiste wishes Covid-19 would be over soon, but for now, he is just doing what he has to do because this virus is serious and there is nothing he can do about it. He wants people to follow the protocols until the virus stop spreading. 

The dancehall artiste says his music is radio-friendly. He is only dealing with music before everything, because he is an artiste. He will give people what they want to hear, he was criticized before and they said he would go back to his dancehall ways of making slack songs.

There is a time when he will do a song for his Mother and sing other songs as well depending on how he feels. He believes, people tend to take music too seriously sometimes and imagination is wide and people need to see that.

However, some of what the artistes are singing about in the music is being played out in the streets, but Gage doesn’t believe he influences anyone.

He likes performing especially for women.

His new songs that are being promoted are “Bruk out” and “Bubble Pan De Don”.



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