Dancehall artiste Gage is surprised that his get money anthem for eye girls, Good Gal Fi Get Things’, has apparently started a new trend in dancehall where female dancers are being tipped big to dance suggestive dancehall songs.

“Last year November, when I began promoting Good Gal Fi Get Things, I went to a Red Stripe show where Teejay was performing, and Bishop Escobar has the idea to give away money, and he gave away about $20,000 onstage to a girl. We reposted the video, it went viral, and then others started doing it, and posting their own videos,” Gage said.


Then again in December 2018, during Dovey Magnum’s show, a man threw a garbage bag of cash on Renee 6:30 while she was dancing to his song.

“From there, the trend just blew up. Since that time, we have started to talk with a ‘ money gun’ and we just blast cash all over wherever we go. This year, Boom Boom gave away a garbage bag full of money at Boom Sundays, and then again at Uptown Mondays, the following week. So the new trend is garbage bags of cash, the Government say no scandal bag of cash,” Gage said, while he laughed.

Other promotional teams have begun to mimic this trend, and even regular patrons have started to let the money rain in the females.

“Right now, when the dancers dem go out and dem hear Gage song, dem guaranteed fi get money,” Gage said laughing.

Gage, who has been steadily rebuilding his brand, has released other singles recently, such as Stress Free, produced by Father Roy.

He will be releasing Never Stop Bad for Musa Records/Team Upgrade, and he recently voiced a single called Run In for Markus Records.

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