Gangsta Pastor and the Many Controversial Situations

June 14, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]The Gangsta Pastor is young and vibrant, he says he is serving God in a different way as he seems to be on a mission to reach the cold-hearted thugs and show them how to live in a new and better way. 

reement with Mr. Vegas, Pastor Jennings, and Chozen in the way they have been conducting their affairs recently. He says Mr. Vegas was holding his own when he confronted Pastor Jennings at the church, but he should not be in the church at all. He believes the debate should be held in neutral territory so there would be less embarrassment when one opponent loses the debate, so there would be no need to throw anyone


Pastor Jennings used the scripture about Jezebel to make his point about women and the wearing of makeup, but Gansta Pastor used another scripture and showed that Esther was able to save the life of many Jews when she made herself beautiful with makeup and everything before she presented herself to the King in those times. So he has nothing against makeup.

When he spoke about Chozen he said darkness and light cannot be mixed, it is just impossible. When Chozen used the very seductive popular song to do a Gospel Song, in the Gangsta Pastor’s eyes, he simply tried to do the impossible that should never be attempted in the first place, even though Chozen is a friend of his.

The Gangsta Pastor confessed that his church is quite small at the moment, but Jesus only had 12 disciples and he doesn’t mind starting small.


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