Ganja Smoking Boys Shown in Video Causes More Concerns in Jamaica

June 19, 2021

A video is circulating on Social Media, showing boys ‘smoking ganja’ not long after a 6-year-old boy went on social media and said he wanted to become a gunman which drew the attention of Child Protection and Family Services.

When the latest incident happened there were adults seated on a motorcycle nearby, the two boys were shown in a tik tok video smoking what appears to be marijuana. The adults were even heard laughing in the background and the video triggered angry reactions from the social media users.


In their comments they said the morals in the society is clearly going down and adults are not protecting children anymore. Too many parents are grooming little Shottas and then they blame the Government, and there is not enough accountability between the sperm donors and the incubators.

One person wondered if they were watching a movie and another one said the video must be investigated.

However, at this time no one knows where the video was recorded and the whereabouts of the children is still not known.

Learn more from the video report below.



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