General B Pushed off Stage amidst Heated Argument at BOOM BOX FRIDAYS – Watch Video

At first, Friday night’s staging of Boom Box Fridays seemed like another episode of the popular weekly stage show which is held in the cooperate area.

After hours of entertainment on Friday night, founding members of the platform Harry Toddler and General B took to the stage, however, from the get-go the energy was off. Harry Toddler while performing took aim at hypocrites in the crowd while bigging up fellow founding member Boom Dandimite.


Toddler’s performance was followed up by General B and notably Toddler walked off the stage as General B performed. General B chanted a few lyrics before stopping the riddim to vent in frustration about what he saw going on at the show on Friday night.

General B outlined that if members of the crew have “differences” it should not be brought to the platform for the world to see.

While talking on the mic, General B was told about his mother, “From Dandimite dead we nuh see unuh guh suck unuh madda,” someone stated from the crowd. General B then told the person, “Guh such back yuh mumma a waapen to yuh bwoy.”


These words were followed by chaos on the stage with several persons trying to take the mic from General B including Harry Toddler. General B walked off the stage but returned moments later.

Shortly after his return to the stage he was approached and shoved off the stage which sent him tumbling to the ground below. This action was followed by personnel telling the cameraman to stop filming the incident. A tussle ensued between the cameraman and unknown personnel.

During the ordeal, the cameraman outlined that General B was the cause for the mashing-up of the show because he was absent after Doom Dandimite’s death and now returns to take over. The video ends shortly after.

Watch the happenings below:


See some of the comments about the incident below:


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