George Nooks Was Confident OF Not Guilty Verdict

May 26, 2019

After spending several days in jail and much media speculations, Nooks in his recent onstage interview states that he was always confident of beating the Cocaine case that was before him. Nooks explain that the police brought several cases against him that did not add up.

“it is like a burden jus lif off a mi head yo know… to god be the glory.. those prayers and well-wishers” Nooks in his interview states that the prayers did work.


Were you confident that you would beat this case? asked Winford Willian, “yes i definitely was… from the start of it we all know that…” George explains that he was confident from the get-go because the Police’s stories did not add up.

Nooks admit that the Cocaine charge affected his career a little, “at first i was shocked… ” He went on to explain that a lot of his fans were worried and skeptical about what’s going on.

Nooks was arrested and charged a couple of years ago in May of 2017

Career Update
George Nooks explains that he is putting finishing touches to his gospel album which will be released soon. “for the past 15 -20 years i haven’t done a lovers rock album” Nooks explains that he recently released a lovers rock album called ‘For You’ which is currently doing well.



Earlier George Nooks Lawyer Mr. Finson said he is very confident that Mr. Nooks will be acquitted as he has a good case, in the end, such was the case, The matter was settled in the St Andrew Parish Court today(Tuesday/may 21) and not guilty was the verdict.

Nooks stated that he rode out the storm and that God is always by his side, “God is standing by. No matter the circumstances” he states.

“The judge said that there were several inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and, as a consequence, Nooks was found not guilty,” said Queen’s Counsel Tom Tavares-Finson, who was a member of the defense team that also included attorney Donahue Martin.


Initial reports stated that Lawmen were conducting an operation in the community where George lives on May 5, 2017, and they said they saw him acting in a way that caused them to be suspicious. The police confronted Mr. Nooks and he was searched, a bag was found with under two ounces of Cocaine. Mr. Nooks was arrested after that

Possible Lawsuit After Second Arrest
Most recent reports according to the police, Nooks throw away a capsule which allegedly contained a substance while being approached by cops in Liguanea.


The capsule and George Nooks was taken to the police station to be questioned, in a strange twist the police claim that Nooks swallowed the capsule while at the police station, he was subsequently taken to the Kingston Public Hospital and held under police guard, Nooks was later released on Sunday, April 28.

George Nooks’ attorney Tom Tavares-Finson states that he will be taking the matter further through the legal channels. “His vehicle was searched, he has not been charged nor interrogated, I don’t know what all of this is about,” Tavares-Finson explained. “We’re looking to file a lawsuit for false arrest. I never see anything like this yet.”

George Nooks who is now 56 years old


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