George Williams Plans To Sue The State After Being Incarcerated For 50 years Without Trial

July 11, 2020

Jamaica News, New developments have begun proceeding the case of George Williams who was incarcerated for 50 long years without a trial as the human rights group “Stand up for Jamaica” has stated that they will be working with the now free Williams to sue the state of Jamaica for the unconstitutional treatment of the man known to be mentally ill.

The human rights group is also noted to be the ones who recognized the injustice that was done to George Williams and took the steps to make him a free man with the help of Attorney at law, Isat Buchannan who now represents Vybz Kartel in his privy council appeal.


George Williams was arrested for murder, malicious destruction, and a charge of wounding with intent in 1970 after a dispute which involves a family attack and a Canadian man being killed.

George at the time was deemed to be unfit and was not afforded a trial resulting in him spending the long years in prison.

In this line of reasoning the executive director of the human rights group Stand up for Jamaica, Carla Gullotta is stating that the state will need to pay a lot of money for having George Williams incarcerated for more time than he was supposed to serve.

The executive Director went on to further let the news know that the amount is millions of dollars.

Gullotta went on to highlight the fact that there are many more cases like George Williams, many mentally-ill, some of who cannot take care of themselves but have been incarcerated for very long years that the human rights group is diligently working on.

The executive director closed out to make it known that those in power are not doing their jobs based on the lack of representation for the affected persons and they will be taking steps to get compensation for all of them.


It is reported that there are currently 146 similar cases to George Williams that the human rights organization is working on.


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