Get Help with Effective Treatment of Addictions

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that destroys the life of an addicted person and his family. It can also affect all aspects of human life. The best alcohol rehab in Birmingham involves a range of medical and therapeutic procedures that help to restore physical and psychological health.

We have all the necessary conditions for comprehensive recovery of the psychological and physiological environment of the patient, as well as highly qualified certified professionals who have successful experience in the rehabilitation of alcoholics of any complexity. To get more information about all options of the rehabclinic and to know our contacts, you are welcome to visit our site.


In the process of treatment, specialists select the optimal recovery program. In some cases, your treatment includes changing the diet, initiating drug rehabilitation therapy, individual and group psychotherapy sessions, etc. Such treatment allows you to understand all the destructiveness of alcohol dependence. It also helps to restore all areas of life. For effective treatment of alcohol dependence, it is not enough to remove the symptoms of a hangover and bring you out of drunkenness — a complete rehabilitation is needed, which eliminates the addiction at two levels: physiological and psychological.

We provide psychological care in a specialized non-medical institution, where the patient is under the round-the-clock supervision of specialists. It allows you to make timely adjustments to the course, receive recommendations and effectively monitor the entire rehabilitation process.

We treat our patients in the mode of inpatient or outpatient visits. Our center has all the necessary conditions for quality rehabilitation. We offer our patients comfortable wards, complete meals, halls for sports, halls for group classes, places for rest, etc.

Here your recovery process is under the strict control of a wide range of specialists: narcologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, chemical dependency counselors, psychotherapists and other staff, which provides both medical procedures and the comfort of hospital stay.

Rehabilitation of alcoholics in our clinic involves a full gradual recovery of human health.

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