Gio And Ken Disappear From Media Due To Scamming Allegations

Friday, April 29, 2022, 5:45 PM

Gio and Ken have been missing from the internet for more than a month and their fans have been questioning their absence. The YouTube couple has not been posting content and it has been revealed that they are involved in scamming allegations which have proven to be the reason why they have been quiet.

It is alleged that individuals have been accusing the couple of accepting payment under the pretence of doing promotions. However, it seems that fan pages are the ones pretending to be the YouTubers and scamming individuals who later report the couple when the agreement is not fulfilled.


Ken released a statement on Instagram addressing the situation recently. In the post, she said, “Unu please stop take the ppl them product and money and act like me. All these So call Fan page a scam the ppl them n a mek me look bad!!!”

“FOR THE LAST TIME PLEASE STOP USING ME AND GIO NAME TO TAKE PPL PRODUCT AND MONEY,” she continued and explained that someone got scammed by persons claiming to be them and then reported the YouTubers at the police station.

Gio also took to Instagram to set the record straight by posting screenshots of his banking transaction history to prove that he was not receiving payments from anyone, hence he was not scamming anyone.

According to rumours circulating, the YouTube couple was even arrested but later released and are now being investigated.

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