10Tik Accused Of Scamming Producer

Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 1:02 PM GMT-5

Producer Protocol Boss from Real Bang records is calling out 10Tik for allegedly taking payment for voicing on a rhythm that the singer has been sidestepping, with no interest in fulfilling his obligations or returning the money.

In the video that Protocol Boss released on Instagram, he stated that if he was not refunded his money, he would be taking legal actions against the artiste.

“I’m not the type of person weh like to, you know, come to the media and disrespect or look nu clout from nobody at all.” He stated as he began explaining that 10Tik was “very unprofessional”.

As he continued, he said 10Tik went to Canada about a month ago and that was when the ‘Roll Deep’ singer was paid $1,850CA to voice on Real Bang records’ Surgery Rhythm, which Silk Boss recorded a song on.

“Yuh tek di money…when mi deh a di studio wid yuh yuh start hum di song,” he said. “Yuh start act like yuh a voice di song, yuh end up nuh voice did song.”

Following this first failing occasion, Protocol Boss said he contacted 10Tik everyday to set a time for the project, but he was never given one. The producer claimed that he notified 10Tik that his preferred release date was April 5, however, there has not been any work done.

The producer also added that he still had the proof on his phone which showed the text messages between 10Tik and himself. According to him, 10Tik was constantly putting off working on the project by telling him that he would be on it “tomorrow”.

“And have di audacity fi ask me if mi hungry,” he continued upset.

Emphasizing that 10Tik was missing the principle of the business; Protocol Boss announced that he would be taking legal action if he was not refunded within 24 hours.

“See if mi nuh get mi money within…24 hours, family…mi ago retain a lawyer and mi ago write you and mi ago write di Canadian embassy, cause mi serious bredda. Mi ago use you and set example,” the producer warned.

Protocol Boss continued to warn 10Tilk that he should not be fooled by the “four corner ting”. He also added that he was not chasing clout by going public.

“Mi nah look nu clout, mi just wah mi money, big man. Dat is it.”

Watch the video below.

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