Girl Dies with Skydiving Instructor while Celebrating Her 18th Birthday [Video]

Thursday, March 28, 2019, 1:38 PM GMT-5

We won’t know where exactly things went wrong however based on video footage it would appear that the parachute did not deploy properly due to tangled cables/wires.

Dead is 18 year old high school student Vanessa Ivonne Melendez Cardenas who reportedly just turned 18 years old, the sky diving mission was apart of her birthday celebration, both Vanessa and the Skydiving Instructor jumped out of a plane from about 1,300-feet, this incident took place in Morelos, Mexico.

“No no no no no” the camera man chants while the tangled parachute descends to ground.

Watch the full shocking video below, captured by someone who seems to be a family member or relative of the young girl.

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