Girl Explains How Her Bio Mom Gave Her Up for Adaption After Cheating With Black Guy; Told Family She Was Stillborn

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 1:33 PM GMT-5

An astonishing story of a girl who claims her mother made up a lie and told her family she was stillborn at birth after giving her up for adoption to avoid cheating rumours is circulating the internet.

According to the now-adult female, her biological white mom had an affair with her black father. The mother came clean to her husband, with whom she already had three kids, and they both decided to move past the cheating.



Her family and friends already knew that she was pregnant and expecting her fourth child so she kept the baby. However, the biological mother and her husband knew that once the baby was born she would not be able to pass off the baby as belonging to her husband.

The girl stated, “My biological mom said I know what I’m gonna do…I’m gonna tell them that the baby is a stillborn.”

She also mentioned that her mother followed through with the plan to give her up for adoption and that the other family members, to this day, still have no idea that she is alive.

Watch the full video below:


The video, seeming to originate on TikTok, was reposted to Worldstar. After watching the video someone said, “She’s all amazed at how whites naturally lie,” and another person also shared a story of how he worked with a black guy who was seeing an Italian woman whom he had a child with. It was stated that she gave him full custody of the child (because she did not want to be disowned) and just visited and sent him money for the child from time to time.

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