Girls Caught on Camera Beating another Girl Badly in Jamaica – Video

January 21, 2021

This video has been making rounds on social media over the past 24 hour and many persons are likening it to what happened to Kaylan months ago when she also was ganged and beaten by several females all of whom has been arrested since.

Now Jamaicans are calling for the arrest of these females who are beating on the young lady who apparently slept with one of the girl’s man.


One person commented “This is ridiculous this is what the PRIMEMINISTER TALKING ABOUT #andrewholness #CONFLICTRESOLUTION proper tactics for the love of God I guess no one has learnt from the last little girl who is STILL hospitalized in a coma !!! Personally charges should be pressed against the aggressors , seriously behaving like primates, smh” while another said “Dem gyal wicked dem wicked”.

Check out the viral video below.


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