Global Studies Confirms it is not safe for Humans to drink Alcohol

A Global study that was conducted recently has revealed that persons who avoid alcohol completely, have decreased their risk of developing Cancer and other diseases. Even though, moderate alcohol consumption can protect persons from heart diseases, but the risk of developing other diseases outweighs the benefits of drinking alcohol.

The Global Burden of Disease study was done in 195 countries including England. It was discovered that even the persons who only had one drink a day, were having too much alcohol. Ukraine, Anderra, Luxembourg, Belarus, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland are the top ten countries with the highest levels of alcohol consumption.


The study revealed that most persons were now having much more than one drink per day. British women are having an average of three glasses of alcoholic drinks per day in 2016. British men were not drinking as much alcohol as the women and they ranked 62nd out of 195 countries.

One drink is defined as a small glass of wine. It is alleged that Alcohol is linked to 10% of all deaths of people in the 15 to 49 age group.


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