GOSSIP: Marvin and Ding Dong Feud Re-Ignites

Earlier Marvin stated on IG that “dem nuh real to di streets…” he went on to explain that he won’t dance to “dah bwoy deh song” he also went on to state that he won’t sing songs from this particular person.

“mi keep it real with the youth dem… a jus one set a bwoy” Marvin explains a top dancer is not showing the youths no strength, insighting that the top dancer is not helping youths in the streets who gives his dances strength “dem alone fi mek money and show off pan di youth dem” the Beast says.

“e nuh look good bredda” Marvins states over and over without calling any names. Marvin explains that Elephant Man, Voicemail, RDX, Mr. Vegas, Beenie Man etc made songs for dancers.

On the other hand, Ding Dong Went live on his IG page to vent about “badmind” people and everyone thinks he’s responding to Marvin the Beast.

“we lose too much people from badmind” Ding Dong in a IG video explains that he cant be badmind because he helps a lot of youths around him to be somewhere.

“My greatest asset weh me have is that mo nuh badmind people” The Ravers lead dancer explains that he just trying to live as long as possible and he wishes that everyone could win.

“a people weh know you and feel like dem fi better than you a di real badmind people” Ding Dong explains that his new song “Watch Dem” was not pre-meditated and the song is as big as it is because of it’s realness.

“mi nuh watch people mi duh my own ting” Without calling any direct name, now fans are putting Ding Dongs’s words and Marvin’s together to conclude what’s going on.

Without calling any name it would appear that Ding Dong indeed was talking a fellow dancer who thinks he should be on same level as Ding Dong.

One person commented “But why CLOROX BEAST nuh guh bleach out him heart and mind,him ah bleach di wrong part ah him body him need internal bleach fi di dutty heart,mind and soul and if him nuh change up him heart him naw guh better memba mi type this”

While another fan said “Marvin should ask Ding Dong for help… I live in Canada and every single race help each other except Black… if there is a job Chinese Jewish South Asian’s help each other Black hide the opportunity or them jealous..Africans are helpful to each other so this quality of crab in a barrel mentality has to be remnants of colonization.”

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