Got Dumped Like A Bad Habit…”You not leaving me” Dramatic Break-Up [Video]

April 22, 2019

This relationship break-up got a little physical as the female tries her best to change her boyfriend’s mind about leaving her. “i don’t care with yo cheating ass” the man yelled as his ex-girlfriend begs for her bag.

“this is my shit” the man continues explaining that he paid for everything she has in the bag. The female tried to block the male out with her car to stop him from reversing. The tall am gets into his car as his ex called the police stating that her Ex-Boyfriend stole her stuff. The man yelled “get away from me” the female replied stating ” i ain’t leaving, i ain’t going nowhere bitch”


The man then managed to close the car door and maneuver his way out the tight space then drove away.

Watch the full dramatic video below!



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