Govana turns Gyal Clown in “HAMANTS CONVO PT3” Music Video

November 28, 2020

4th Genna artiste Romeo Nelson whose more commonly known as Govana has officially presented the SEASON FINALE for the hit music series HAMANTS CONVO. In this new visual release, Govi Govi calls his old-time friend Chris to check up on his current endeavours.

According to Chris, he is now a sharpshooter when it comes to girls, nowadays they also pay for his plane fare whenever he travels and expresses how much he doesn’t get into his feelings because women are wicked.


Now the tables have turned in HAMANTS CONVO PT3 because we now see Chris taking Govana’s wife which was a pleasant surprise after all Chris has been through in past episodes.

Govana also made sure to address the Busy Signal comments that were earlier made about the copying of styles. Govi highlighted that Bling Dawg and Professor Nuts did the same thing in the past with their music.

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Watch the dramatic visual below.

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