Government Wants To Rebrand Back Road In St. Catherine

The popular route ‘Back Road’ in St. Catherine that is rightfully named Port Henderson Road might be on the verge of being transformed. The area is one of the main entrances to Portmore when attempting to escape traffic in the busy town centres. 

The section has been known as Back Road for years by many persons and it’s a prime spot for sex workers and other illegal activities.

As Government authorities are planning to rebrand the infamous road, which is known to attract sex workers, there are proposals for the strip to transform into an entertainment and tourism hub.

Mayor of Portmore, Leon Thomas stated that this route was a necessary one to take when going to certain destinations in Portmore. “So we have to make certain that our gateway is in good order,” he said.

In the discussion of the state of the road, Robert Miller, who is a member of parliament for South-East St. Catherine, noted his plans for rebranding the area.

According to Miller, his intentions are to “rebrand” and “reposition” the area as his focus is on tourism and entertainment.

Miller, who is called Back Road MP by a colleague, said he would “ensure that anybody from anywhere in Jamaica and the world can come around here and get some good food and get some good arts and some live music at any time of the day.”

While a timeline was not presented in regards to when the project would commence, he did add that he intended to start at the New forum Fishing Village so persons could “have a good fish and sit in peace and harmony”.

While his plans are applauded, Mayor Thomas shared that the municipal corporation must join in partnership to execute the project and “to develop Portmore and other sections of Portmore”.

Watch video report below.

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