HOT TOPIC: Kedesha Backroad Sex Combo Party

As announced in a video that went viral, a sex combo party was slated for November 5th in Portmore, however, lawmen ensured that proceedings did not go as planned. As detailed by promoter Kedesha, patrons would have been able to get sexual favours at a discounted cost at her event.

Based on social media posts, the controversial party was active and on the way but from early hours lawmen swept in and detained the “Combo Boss” aka Kedesha, she was later released with a warning. She late made a video talking about how much her party was a success and thanking all who support her event.

Superintendent Hopeton Nicolson, who spoke to the Jamaica Star stated that the event was in breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA) and no permit was granted for such an event. “No permission was given and somebody must apply to the police, under the DRMA. So, if we see something be advertised, we are going to make checks.” Nicolson outlined.

As seen in videos, many cars were parked along the popular Backroad roadway seemingly because of the well-promoted event, a video has even gone viral of several bikers stating that they were on their way to the Combo party.

As announced by the Combo Boss, individuals would get oral sexual favours for $3,000 while intercourse would cost $2,000 and a combo pack was offered for $5000.

The name of the promoter and the event itself have been trending on Twitter all day on Monday. Some persons joked about the intent while others were disgusted by the intent of Kedesha.

The police are said to be investigating similar parties that are being held across the island.

Check out Kedesha below.

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