Groom Fatally Shoots Bride, Her Mother, Her Sister, and Guest, Then Kills Himself

Four people were killed at a Thai wedding when the groom went for a firearm and fatally shot his bride, two of her relatives, and a guest before taking his own life.

The groom, Chaturong Suksuk and his bride, Kanchana Pachunthuek, exchanged vows on Saturday in north-east Thailand. Following the wedding, 29-year-old Chaturong, who police said “was quite intoxicated at the time,” quickly left the reception.


Chaturong, who is a para-athlete and former soldier, returned with a gun that he bought legally in 2022. The groom opened fire at his 44-year-old wife, whom he had reportedly lived with for three years. He also fatally shot her 62-year-old mother and her 38-year-old sister.

The police told BBC News that two guests were struck by stray bullets, and were taken to the hospital but one has since died.

Although his motives are still unclear, the police reported that the evidence they have gathered is promising and should allow them to solve the case soon.

One speculation details that Chaturong had insecurities regarding the age gap between him and Kanchana. Additionally, the witnesses at the wedding informed the police that Kanchana and Chaturong were arguing during the reception.

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