Gully Bop Talks Of Changes In His Music +New EP

Gully Bop is currently in pursuit for another shine in dancehall, while on that quest he appeared on OntageTV for an interview with Winford Williams. Winford asks Bop, Where were You? “not in the gully” GullyBop dispels rumours about him going back to live in the gully after his disappearance from the spotlight. Gully Bop talks about his new upcoming EP being reggae and not much hardcore dancehall as before.

Gully Bop states that there are still persons out there who are giving him a fight, Bop did not call any names. Gully Bop also insists that he’s still hot and that now he’s even higher hence people can’t see him “high in the clouds, dem nuh know weh mi deh”.

Bop’s upcoming EP will be titled “RUMOURS” and will consist of Lovers Rock, Reggae and Dancehall Music genre.

Gully Bop’s manager Karl Durant who was on the interview explains that Gully Bop intentionally took a break from the spotlight to revamp his music and return with new musical material. Bop’s manager also dismissed rumours of Gully Bop being on drugs.

Gully Bop explains that he has an upcoming European summer tour and has been performing in small venues locally and in small Caribbean islands.

He also explains that he won’t be giving out any hand outs this time around. “who god bless no man curse cya si gully bop inna nuh hearse… been through the storm now mi pass di worse… people unuh stop rumour” Gully Bop sings a piece of his upcoming tune titled one bag a rumours.

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” A one Gully bop in the world suh my space reserved in the hearts of my fans and right now i understand the business of music on a different level. This time around me a keep my circle small because time show me who real from who fake ,big up Karl” stated Gully bop.

Throwback Pic of Gully Bop

Gullybop when at his peak sold old venues worldwide,topped the charts and made headlines daily however a series of legal and personal woes slowed down his momentum. But according to Karl Durrant Gullybop’s absence from the mainstream has increased the demand for the artiste.

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