Gunmen Shot 8 at Party 2 Succumbed to Injuries

Marauding gunmen who were dressed as police and soldiers shot eight people on Friday night at Bayshore, Harbour View, St. Andrew. Two of them died and a mother is sure that it is God’s mercy that saved her sons.

Her three sons were there, and one wasn’t feeling good and left, when he was close to home, he heard the shots. One of his brothers was shot in the wrist and the other in the leg.


The police report stated that the shooting took place at 12:15 Saturday morning the gunmen opened fire at the party, shooting at patrons. After they left, eight persons were found wounded. After they were taken to the hospital two of them, Nester Keith 40-year-old and Ricardo Grant 25-year-old were pronounced dead after they succumbed to their injuries.

Mary, the mother of the three brothers said she is not a Christian but every night when she goes to bed she prays for her family and she believes God was at work. She is glad her sons live to tell the tale.

Residents are now saying the shooting is linked to a gang war and they find it hard to believe that innocent people who are not gang members, were just at the party to make money so they can send their children to school, and they got hurt.


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