Guns Out in Cockpit Country as Maroons and Armed Men Face Off – Video

Reports are coming from the Maroon Chief Richard Currie stating that there have been trespassing on Maroon lands, in the cockpit country by armed men who issued threats of extortion to the farmers in the area giving them the choice to comply or have their crops burned.

The incident took place on Tuesday and by Wednesday, there was confirmation with the JCF, by the chief, that the orders were not sent by them.


This information was shared on Currie’s Instagram account, just a day after the Maroon Chief also posted a video showing a showdown between the sovereign group and attacking men armed with heavily powered weapons. One of the men was even seen with a rifle.

The maroons were very determined to stand their ground as they brought drums and abengs, beating and blowing while protesting that the men had been cutting down their marijuana.

Eventually, there seemed to have been some form of diplomacy because the video showed the chief going at it in an argument. There were also other men in the video, dressed in colours similar to that of the police which caused the sovereign group to assume that it was the JCF.

Another video posted on Wednesday showed evidence that the men might have been sent by the Constabulary force as one man was seen with an Identification card. In that video the maroons were telling the men to leave which they eventually did in a van with a blue tarpaulin, leading to even more evidence to suggest that they came to take their crops to sell for their own purpose.

Chief Currie, was very perturbed about the occurrences and is currently investigating the matter further.

In his protest speech against the troubling matter he said “As chief, I maintained control over the crowds of Maroons who engaged to defend their land. The sound of the Abeng was heard for miles which called all warriors to immediately come to defend their land and their chief,”.

He then went on to express himself on the issue by saying “Our government continues to demand answers and accountability for this gross disrespect and violation of Maroon territorial jurisdiction. You NEVER point a weapon at #Maroon and expect it will go silent.”

Finishing his talk with “#SoundDiAbeng”. Where is La Lewis in all this? On a serious note, however, this might be the brewing of another maroon war, only this time against the state of Jamaica if it is found out by Chief Currie If the men serve the JCF.

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Check out scenes from the confrontation below.

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