Haiti Struck by 4 Earthquakes in 5 Hours

On Wednesday, December 4, 2022, Haiti was shaken by four earthquakes in five hours, however, the Civil Protection Directorate (DPC) reported no casualties or property damage. The shocks occurred in the same region as the 4.20-magnitude quake that shook Jérémie on December 28, last year.

According to reports, the first earthquake, which had a magnitude of 4.0, took place at 7:31 AM local time, followed by quakes with magnitudes of 3.6 and 3.9 six minutes later, at 9:11 AM (local time). At 1:41 PM, a 2.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded as the fourth to rock the island in a span of five hours.

The epicenter of the four earthquakes, according to the DPC, was four kilometers beneath the surface, north of Jérémie, de la Gonâve, Miragoâne, and northwest of Port-au-Prince.

Haiti’s frequent earthquakes are as a result of its geographical location. It is located on a fault line where two enormous tectonic plates, the Caribbean plate and the North American plate, move past one another over time.

Records state that a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Haiti on August 14, 2021, resulting in over 12,200 injuries, at least 2,200 fatalities, and hundreds more unaccounted-for victims.

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Other affected neighboring countries include The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the Turks & Caicos Islands.

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