Haitian Prime Minister Implicated In Assassination Of Former President

September 15, 2021

There has been a new development as it relates to the case concerning the assassination of former Haitian president, Jovenel Moïse.

The chief prosecutor for Haiti, Bed-ford Claude has stated that the acting Prime minister of the country is to answer questions concerning the killing of the former president as there is phone evidence that he spoke with one of the chief suspects of the murder, hours after the act was carried out.


As such, a police summons has been issued out to the Prime minister, for speaking with Joseph Badio who is a former Intelligence officer, who was said to have armed and directed the Columbian mercenaries who were said to have been involved in the attack of the late president.

According to recent updates concerning the matter, the Haitian prime minister is prohibited from travelling out of the country until he answers the questions relating to the assassination.

The prosecutor, however, was removed from his position by the prime minister on Monday which brings a twist to the case since the law governing Haiti does not allow judicial officials to have civil servants prosecuted without the permission of the leader of the country, which makes things now difficult since the matter is now being handled by a judge and not Mr Badio.

As a result, the Prime Minister has referred to the travel restrictions as being illegal and very political.

On further investigation of the assassination case, it was determined that the plot was a very complex one, that had its operations spanning across several countries. One of the main persons said to have been involved in the conspiracy to have the president removed is Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a pastor who also is a doctor, born in Haiti and living in Florida that wanted Moïse removed to get hold of power.

So far, multiple persons have been detained about the assassination which includes ssm 3 Haitian-Americans, security officers and 18 Colombian Mercenaries.


The persons arrested however after investigation were found not to have the financial capabilities to back such an intricate operation.



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