Haitians Arrive In Jamaica By Boat

Ten children believed to be under nine years old, were among thirty-seven Haitians who sailed up on the shore of Boston Beach in Portland on Monday, July 10.

Despite complaining about hunger, the Haitians appear to be in good health. However, a medical team will be screening the group for any medical issues. The police are presently on site and monitoring the proceedings.

According to the Jamaica Star, residents of the Boston community were concerned about the group and offered them something to eat.

Followers of @thejamaicastar’s Instagram page had mixed reviews about the situation.

@diontyyyy commented, “Honestly I hope this is where it stops. Running off a farin and run off a Jamaica is two different things. Jamaica has ntg. People within the country can’t even fend for themselves not to mention the health care system there.”

The lengthy comment continued, “I’m happy these ppl made it a shore safely but who’s to say there’s not more coming? And what does that mean for people already living in Jamaica. Now it’s going to be the government job to house these people. What about the homeless that’s already in Jamaica. Just think about it.”

@hitmakerhtgang was more direct with his words. He wrote, “Feed dem give all the necessaries and a nice plane flight back to Haiti [Haitian flag] big up my Haitians #goodpeople.”

In contrast, @applessweettreats1424 believes that we should be more sympathetic and accommodating to our neighbours as we, too, seek refuge from other countries. She wrote, “Watch the hypocrisy nuh, who love run guh other countries like Jamaicans, at this point everybody going through it and looking for a way out.”

Continues, “a just fi wi time fi embrace what comes despite our challenges, they’re human beings that are scared for their wellbeing just like we are, Jamaica has yet to see anything like what Haiti is going through so let’s be compassionate, Out Of Many, One People [strength emoji] IF UNUH MEMBA WAH DAT RASS STAND FAH, CYAH TEK UNUH AND WHO NUH LIKE WAH MI SEH COME KISS OUT MI BIBLE.”

See the scene earlier today at the Boston Beach in Portland below:

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