Half Moon Hotel seeks to Clear up Misunderstandings after Popcaan’s Outburst

July 24, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]Popular Dancehall artiste “Popcaan” made a video and posted it on Instagram about using his credit card to pay for his accommodation at a villa at Half Moon Hotel and then being denied access.

The irate deejay said the villa was old and it didn’t even smell good and he was really upset about the problem he faced when he could not stay at the villa after he had spent his money. However, the hotels spokesperson said there was a misunderstanding, the villa was not made to accommodate the number of persons who had been a part of the deejays entourage.


There were 40 persons with the artiste and the villa was built to accommodate 16 persons. They offered him another villa, but it is clear that he was not interested in having more space.

The spokesperson said Popcaan had stayed at the hotel before and there was no problem, so I guess this misunderstanding will be forgotten soon.


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