Harry Shatta Returns As “King Of Portmore” After Leaked Sex Tape

June 17, 2022 12:39 PM

Harry Shatta is back with a self-proclaimed title of still being the “King of Portmore” after he was exposed in a compromising position in a leaked sex tape where he can be seen doing oral sex.

Harry, who has been cited as one of the top selectors of Portmore, shared a video on Instagram showing he is back at the mixing table. The audience at the event cheered him on, which mirrored the reactions he received in his comment section under the video.


The selector seems to be returning to his good spirits after facing many criticisms from the public when the leaked sex tape exploded online, which he initially responded to with a suicidal message.

The sex tape was said to have been leaked by Bamboo Gyal, who Harry accused of drugging him and videoing it. The public has been bashing the female for videoing her bedroom activity and also casting the judgment that she should be arrested for allegedly intoxicating Harry.

The Portmore selector posted a message to his Whatsapp Story with many dove emojis and crying faces, saying he will see everyone “in a next life” because, despite the love he has for his kids, he could not “bare all a diss”.

The complete message reads, “Unn done see the pree an kno wah gwaan jus nu in a nu talking an if unn nu hear back from Mi r see mi a jus life jus kno Mi love an respect unn.”

“The Gyal set mi up wicked don’t kno wat she do to Mi all Mi kno Mi did Frass as fuckkkk but see u all in a next life am out Mi love Mi kidz them but can’t bare all a dis Mi gone now,” it concluded.

However, Bamboo Gyal has denied the accusations during an Instagram Live stream with popular selector Foota Hype, who was receiving the exclusive of what happened the night of the sex tape.


According to her side of the story, Harry invited her out to two parties but she did not want to go and they ended up going to a hotel instead. When they were going to bed, she said Harry, at his own will, unexpectedly started the oral sex in the dark and she used her phone light to see.

Bamboo Gyal also stated that she has since talked to Harry who spoke to her casually without aggression, malice, or contempt, which shows she did not drug him.

In fact, Bamboo Gyal, who denied leaking the video but sent it to someone, added that this was not the first time she was receiving oral sex from Harry Shatta.


When asked about the suicidal message Harry posted online, the female remarked that he only posted it “because him want people feel sorry fi him.”

Foota Hype, who referred to Harry Shatta as “Harry Nyama”, expressed that all the other selectors, including Shukkle Buss, who are bashing the female for sending out the sex tape, should “go one side” and stop getting involved in the woman’s personal affairs, especially since she proved Harry was truly ok.


Bamboo Gyal revealed the evidence that there is no bad blood between Harry Shatta and herself when she called him during the Live stream. Over the speaker, he is heard confirming nothing is wrong with him as he speaks to her casually.

Watch the video with Foota Hype and Bamboo Gyal below.

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