Kaseeno’s Sex Tape Leaked “Eating The Buff”

Dancehall artiste Kaseeno has been exposed in a leaked sex tape that shows the ‘Superman’ Singer feasting on a woman. The leaked video has been circulating on social media and many commenters have been criticizing the artiste for “eating the buff”.

The 51-year-old singer who had once stated that he is “Here To Save People From The Garbage Music That’s Out There,” is now trending for his sexual performances rather than his music. The Clarendon-born artist whose rightful name is Vylmark Hamilton had faced criticism from some people when he created a different image and brand, but his talent made him a rising sensation.


In the short video, Kaseeno is seen face deep between the female’s legs as he performs the act and pauses to comment on the woman’s vagina saying “A diamond pu$$y dis yuh here.”

Viewers have been comparing the artiste to the 2021 Rum and Raison sex tape with squaddy, and they had been calling out Kaseeno for giving a more experienced performance than the policeman gave.

With this leaked sex tape, it is being speculated if his career will take a hit or if he was the one to release the video to start a controversy. One Twitter user referenced Kaseeno’s single ‘Baby Come Over’ to question if he wanted the girl to come over for oral sex.

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Watch the tape via this link HERE


Watch the tape via this link HERE

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