Kaseeno Plans To Save People From Garbage Music

The Fix interviewed the new, upcoming dancehall sensation Kaseeno who has gained fame for his extravagant style and unique sound. In the interview, Kaseeno stated he has been recording music from as early as 1991, where he gained recognition from being a finalist in the JCDC Gospel Festival competition in 2017.

In the interview, Kaseeno stated that before his new look, very few people knew of him. However, since the change, he has gained massive recognition for himself and his music.

Kaseeno refers to himself as the Jamaican superman in the music industry and stated that he’s here to save people from some of the garbage music we’ve been hearing.

One of the interviewers, Ari, asked Kaseeno the question, “why did you have to take this drastic effort for people to pay attention?” Kaseeno responded to say that “no matter how many good songs are done, people will not take notice of it”. He then used Alkaline’s “tattooed eyeball” as an example, where he highlighted how persons gravitated to the image which was then used to cement his place in the music industry.

Well known producer Troyton who has worked with various top artistes, produced the “Baby come over” song by Kaseeno which has gained over 700,000 views on YouTube in a month. Troyton expressed much confidence in Kaseeno and in his work, he says that he foresees a successful future for him in the music industry.


Naro, another one of the interviewers asked Kaseeno: “Is there a fear that people will have you as a gimmicks artiste?” Kaseeno responded that he has alot of good music to come. Additionally, Troyton also supported Kaseeno’s confidence as he advised Naro and all those listening that Kaseeno has great hits in the pipeline.

Watch the full interview below.

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