Kaseeno Using His Eccentric Image To Create Joy In People

Kaseeno 51 is now the artiste creating a comical buzz on the Dancehall music scene regardless of many YouTube fans stating that the entertainer is talented. The reason behind the attention at this time is due to the image that the deejay is promoting which sees him with his skin properly bleached out, and sporting a unique hairstyle that was seen in the official music video for his new song “Baby Come Over”.

The Clarendon-born artiste says where the music industry is concerned he is not completely new however, his difference in image and branding has been working for him.

According to Kaseeno 51, he was previously performing using his birth name Vylmark Hamilton with the moniker Maxibilian, however, has gone on to change his name at least five different times with his character switching up each time he has done so.

According to the Jamaica Star who initially brought the story, Kaseeno 51 was curiously questioned about the reason behind his current stage name as there have been rumours that it had something to do with him formerly being a rapist, kidnapper, and murderer which he disagreed with.

The entertainer spoke the truth however to the news media to let them know that he was previously convicted for manslaughter which he said led him to spend 11 years, 2 months, and 25 days behind bars for something he claims he did not do.

Kaseeno said he got his freedom in October of 2014 and has seen the conviction as a work of God, who took him out of the public to keep him safe along with his daughter.

Where his career as an artiste is now concerned, the deejay said that music is something that requires maintenance and an effort not to stay the same to not be left behind which according to him is a part of why he bleached his skin.

As it related to his image, Kaseeno 51 says it does not bother him that people laugh at it due to the reason that he is a person that loves the joy people get when they see his character and originality.


As a prospect, the entertainer says he has been working on an 8 track album, with Troyton music with a lot of positive changes already happening for him with his craft on God’s timing.

Watch his music video for “Baby Come Over” below.

Check him out in Half Way Tree below.

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