Kaseeno Responds To “Eating The Buff”

At the height of controversy in recent times, is no other than Jamaica’s very own Superman and rising Dancehall artiste Kaseeno who is most popularly known for his 2022 single titled “Baby Come Over”.

Circulating the media is a video of the entertainer crouched between the legs of a female, performing oral sex while uttering the words “A diamond pu$$y dis yuh hear”.


Since its release, questions have been raised if the video was broadcasted on purpose as a publicity stunt or if the artiste was at the demise of an unfortunate cyber reveal.

But, shortly after, another video circulated with the 51-year-old artiste, vibing with a female underneath his arms, and voices could be heard in the background cheering him on and telling him to “run back the song, viral u go today”.

Kaseeno went on to sing the words “Dem wah know if a rating or if a publicity stunt seh mi just go viral a lick…” as he then plants a small kiss on the female’s lips, who is speculated to be the mysterious woman with the “Diamond” vagina that he was performing the sexual act on.

Watch Kaseeno’s response in the video below:

Watch Kaseeno Responding To “Eating The Buff”

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