Here is Masicka’s reason for not making it to GT Taylor’s show

Promoter of popular end of year show Christmas Extravaganza held at Luana Sports Complex in St Elizabeth on Christmas Day, GT Taylor is feeling some type of way after not having arguably the two hottest acts on his line-Up not performing at his how.

Taylor expressed his feelings right after the show , asked for a public apology from both Tommy Lee Sparta and Masicka for the situation placed a bad impact on his rep. in an interview with the Observer taylor said that “I tried calling Masicka from 12:15 am to 6:15 am and there was no answer. When I was cleaning up the park after 8:00 am, I got a text from Masicka saying he was on his way in a bus with his team and his phone was dead. My question to him is: ‘If he was the only person on the bus with a phone?’.

GT Taylor says he may take legal action to protect the show’s reputation, as Masicka received a deposit and contract.

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Mad move Krox


Very unprofessional him buss know man so him can do as him feel like bet if him never reach where he’s at in his career his phone wouldn’t miss a call and if a walk him haffi walk to the show nothing couldn’t stop it …..get too comfy man him nah do this Ting for the love its for like . …him ting him reach maskica need to check yuh self


Masicka a gwann like him a big artist..relax little yute


I think these younglins’ should reach out to the Promoter.


Breach of contract is not something to play around with