Holness Claps-Back: Reminds Everyone of the Peaceful Swearing-in of Juliet Holness – Watch Video

In the wake of Tuesday’s tumultuous events in Jamaica’s Parliament, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has stepped forward to emphasize the harmonious swearing-in of his wife, Juliet Holness, as Speaker. The occasion, marred by preceding dramatic episodes in Kingston’s legislative assembly, spotlighted the nation’s political landscape’s complexities.

On a tension-filled Tuesday, the parliament witnessed scenes that captured national attention, setting the stage for subsequent discourse. Amid this backdrop, the leader of the country found it imperative to address remarks by Mark Golding, the opposition leader, concerning his wife’s new role.

Seeking to clarify the situation and counteract the criticisms, Prime Minister Holness took to social media on Wednesday, March 20.

He posted a video showcasing segments from several parliamentary sessions where the opposition appeared to accept Juliet Holness’ election without objection. His post, intriguingly captioned “A short Tale of Two mouths but not one fully explained plan,” aimed to highlight the discrepancy between the opposition’s initial reactions and their later criticisms.

The video shared by Holness included affirmations from members of the People’s National Party (PNP), who had voiced their congratulations to Mrs. Holness. Expressions like “we wish you well we generally want you to do well” and “I join with my colleagues in congratulating you … as the chair … speaker of this great house” were showcased, illustrating the goodwill extended by the opposition at the moment of her election.

Notably, Honess’ video begins with orange ‘Flip Flp’ slippers, suggesting that the PNP are notorious for changing their words or stance on matters.

Holness also followed up with a second post on Tuesday evening.

This narrative underscores the complex dynamics of Jamaican politics, where public gestures of unity and private sentiments of discord often intersect. The Prime Minister’s intervention via social media serves not only as a rebuttal to the opposition’s critiques but also as a reminder of the need for transparency and consistency in political discourse.

As Jamaica navigates these challenging times, the focus on coherence and unity becomes ever more critical for the nation’s progress.

In reaction, to Honess’ post, one X user commented, “I appreciate the commitment to maintaining control of the narrative and not allowing the PNP falsehoods to dictate the story. It’s reassuring to see that lessons have been learned from the local election night, where the narrative was wrongly controlled by the losing party.”

Another person wrote, “PM please run these bites on NNN. 2 reasons Jamaica will hear it and it will BUN CLIFF HUGHES and his ungrateful station..”

See more of the reactions to Honess’ post below:

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