PM Holness Praised Amid US Diplomat Same-sex Spouse Refusal – Watch Video

The Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, has earned praise and support from the broader Caribbean community for his decision to decline a request from the US Government to provide diplomatic immunity and privileges to the same-sex partner of an American diplomat.

In a recent video, entrepreneur Cassius Stuart was asked by Shenique Miller, host of the “Beyond The Headlines” program in the Bahamas, to address the bold stance taken by the Jamaican Government against the request made by the US.


In the TikTok video, Stuart praised Holness for displaying “testicular fortitude.” He called on all Jamaican citizens and friends in the diaspora to send their leader a powerful message of respect and support.

Stuart contrasted this with the situation in the Bahamas, where he claimed the Prime Minister needed to be more open to standing up for what was right. However, he commended Holness for standing in the face of the American Government’s request.

See the TikTok video below:

Like many other Caribbean countries, Jamaica prohibits same-sex marriages, making it a sensitive and complex issue.

The rejection of the American Government’s request by Jamaica signifies the nation’s commitment to upholding its laws and preserving its cultural and traditional beliefs.

Stuart emphasised the importance of standing united as a region in the face of external pressure, as the United States intends to push its agenda regardless of the Caribbean’s differing views and values.

This video sheds light on a significant and ongoing debate surrounding LGBTQ+ rights, diplomacy, and cultural sovereignty in the Caribbean.

The show of support for Prime Minister Holness is proof of the significance of safeguarding national identity and values, even when faced with external pressures.

The situation has undoubtedly sparked crucial discussions about human rights, sovereignty, and the complexities of diplomacy in the modern world.

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