Honey Milan Reacts To Fake Tattoo Comments by Shading Shenseea

June 13, 2021

After female Dancehall artiste, Honey Milan came out, showing the world her brand new tattoo of her new boo Skillibeng, many people have been wondering if the body imprint was legitimate or not since she was bold enough to place it in her forehead. Since the move by the new entertainer, many persons have been accusing her of wanting clout by doing the controversial act since it is not uncommon for Dancehall artistes to do so to boost their fame.

Several years ago, the “Yung Lawd”, Alkaline came out with his retina completely covered in a dark layer which he told interviewers was a tattoo, later removing it from his eye revealing that it was only a contact lens and, many are claiming that Honey Milan, is currently trying something similar to what the “Vendetta Boss” did to build her name.


After recently appearing on a song with Skillibeng entitled “Choppa Gyal”, the female deejay revealed the tattoo, and even later on interviewed with the star expressing that the body art which finds the name of the “Eastsyde Don” in her forehead, is real.

Fans, however, did not hesitate to do further investigations into the claim by Milan, and when two pictures of her were compared, the tattoo appears to be in two completely different locations on her forehead, which might just confirm that the body art is fake.

This comparison that was done, was also posted on Social media and the picture showing the two versions of her tattoo has already gone viral. This seemingly got the young female Dancehall artiste, irritated as she counteracted the claims when she recently appeared on social media, hitting out against the people accusing her of doing what she did for clout.

In the video, Honey Milan stated that she already has clout, further attacking those who have expressed that what she did was fake, asking why they are choosing to worry over her tattoo, and not over the people seeking attention by claiming to be pregnant as well as those buying views.

It is very interesting to note that recently, there have been rumours that Shenseea is pregnant for Drake after a text between the two was leaked on an international radio station.

With that being said, people who were on Milan’s Instagram live when she made the interactive statement would have known who she was talking about because the news was big. She was also wearing a hat in the video, which blocked a portion of her forehead, so no one would have been able to see a tattoo if one was there.


Will Honey Milan come out and declare the tattoo to be fake?, Or will she continue to wear it and fight for its legitimacy? We will need to wait to find that out.

Watch her live chat below.



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