Hood Celebrityy makes special visit to Jamaica

June 30, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]Hood Celibrityy is loving the amount of attention her song “Walking Trophy” is getting at this time, she spoke about the fact that she did the song in a special way so it could be understood by everyone all over the world, so she could gain popularity.

She thought about the days when she looked down on the people who she thought were just not looking good enough, until she realized that people could be ugly on the inside and beautiful on the outside and vice versa. So she wanted to encourage everyone to see themselves as a walking trophy and feel good about who they are no matter how they look.


The success of the song has come as no surprise to her, as she knows that giving fans the kind of music they can relate to is important. She knows she can’t do music for the people who love slack songs and gangster songs alone, or she will never make it good.

Hood Celebrityy is doing things in a smart way so she can be in the music business for a long time.
Tina Pinnock from Portmore is a Jamaican who left when she was only 5 years old. She mixes trap and Reggae
She recalls the days when she promoted her music all by herself, giving out flyers and took public transportation.

Hood Celebrityy is now signed by Epic Records and she knows she couldn’t be where she is in the music business now if she wasn’t signed with the label. She is now able to drive the truck she always dreamed about driving and she is doing a lot for her people.

Going to Jamaica recently, to visit was very special for her, as she was inspired by the Jamaicans and their ability to keep on fighting to succeed even in the middle of hardships.

Check out her most recent performance in Jamaica below!



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