HoodCelebrityy Says She Is A VIRGIN – Video

September 7, 2021

Overseas-based female Dancehall artiste HoodCelebrityy recently appeared on Angela Yee’s YouTube program “Lip Service”, and released some shocking information that might just get a ton load of her male fans excited and popping up by the dozens in her dm.

In the interview, the entertainer who is originally from Portmore, Jamaica was asked about her sexuality by the host of the program, for which she responded that she is a virgin.


In expressing shock towards HoodCelebrityy’s answer ‘Yee’ responded with a “what?!” making a telling sound of her disbelief however, the singer told her that she has never had anything go inside of her, not even a finger.

When asked if she ever had a guy go down on her, the entertainer said yes, however, she admitted she has never even used a dildo before.

On the other hand, HoodCelebrityy says having kids is something she would like to do and will only break her virginity at that time. Even at that time, the singer says for her to do it, it would need to be a special type of man that gets the honours of getting inside her for the first time.

It would certainly be interesting to see who will be the man for HoodCelebrityy’s virginity breaking job, considering that she is already 30 years of age.

Watch the full interview below.



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