How do Slots Websites Decide on Which Game Free Spins will go

May 20, 2021

Since pretty much the dawn of civilization humans have massively enjoyed various gambling games, and as a result there has been a near-constant evolution in the way these things are designed and played. Of course, things really started getting better after the Venetians set up the world’s first actual casino in the 17th century, mainly because there was finally a commercialised structure that allowed for a massive influx of new gambling inventions to happen – claim welcome offer.

Over the last few hundred years we have seen exciting games such as roulette hit the mainstream, however there has been nothing nearly as popular as slots in terms of new inventions. Especially online slots, gambling games that have become easily the most played things in the world by far. Ever wondered how slots websites decide on which game free spins will go? Keep reading to find out! 


Slots websites and free spins: A 21st century trend 

Free spins did exist back in the 20th century world of land-based slot machines, however it was very rare that an actual casino would offer free spins to its gamblers. This all changed as the 21st century rolled around though, something that is all down to the emergence of online casino and online slots. Nowadays pretty much every slots site will offer some form of free spins offer – fantastic news for slot gamblers everywhere! 

The main reason behind this new trend of online casino free spins offers is to help different slots sites stand out from the rest, especially in the modern day where the competitiveness of the industry has hit crazy new levels. Just think about it: the more free spins a slots site offers, the more likely gamblers will choose it! 

Ways in which free spins can benefit slot gamblers 

Are you wondering why free spins have become such an intense marketing tool for online casinos? If so it is definitely worth considering all of the ways in which free spins can benefit slot gamblers, take a look at some below: 

·        A chance to win for free: By far the most exciting thing about online slot free spins is that they give gamblers a chance to win some money without actually spending any themselves. Let’s be honest, this is a bit of a rarity in the gambling world, so no wonder people love free spins so much!

·        Free slots practise: Another reason why online slot free spins are so loved by gamblers these days is because they give people a chance to practise on a specific slot without spending money. This means that gamblers can therefore be in a much better position for things like bonus rounds when they are spending their own money. 

Common games for slots website free spins 

When a slots website offers its customers free spins they can rarely choose exactly what slot title this offer corresponds too, usually there are common games that come alongside these offers. Here are the most popular: 


·        Starburst

·        Gonzo’s Quest·       

. Fluffy Favourites



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