How Jamaican Youths Can Fund Their College Educations

April 20, 2020

It is not uncommon for many to put off going to college to begin working or to start a family. College is essential for securing a lifelong career that you can rely on year after year. For many secondary school graduates, they might have trouble paying for university fees. This causes them to put off their studies until they are able to more easily afford them, which might not happen for a lot of people.

Look into Scholarships

Scholarships are often given to students who excel in their studies or in a specific sport. For example, you might receive a scholarship because of your work on the basketball team, or you might receive one because you excelled in math. This award is typically given to students by the college itself, so you’ll be able to attend either for free or for a very reduced cost as a result of their invitation to their campus.


Apply for Grants

Grants typically involve writing out an application and submitting it to someone who will fund your schooling. It is important to understand how grant writing is done, since you want to capture the attention of your investor and provide them with reasons for why they should help to pay for your education. You may need to send out several grants before you begin to hear back from the people or companies you’re sending them to.

Take Out Loans

Loans can help you to pay for tuition, textbooks and even housing if you make the decision to go back to college. These student loans are often deferred until after graduation, so you won’t be responsible for paying anything until you’ve actually started working in your field of choice. The student loan process is quick, easy and provides you with the funds necessary to begin attending a qualified university.

Consider an Educational Visa Program

There are a number of Visa programs available to Jamaican youths that enable them to visit other countries to both learn and work. Not only will these programs help you to earn some money, but the process of going on these trips will look great when applying for schools. You should carefully choose the Visa program that you’ll be signing up for, since not every one is the same. Typically, you’ll spend a few months in the country of your choice and then return back home once the program is finished.

Take on a Part-Time Job

It can be difficult to both be studying and working at the same time. However, in order to fund your education, you may need to take on a part-time job for the time being. This job should coincide with your college schedule so that you don’t miss classes as a result of working. It’s also important to be aware of what you’re earning so that you can see if it’ll be enough to pay for your classes. You will need to talk to a school counselor to see what they can do as far as helping you to find gainful employment.


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