How Jamaican’s Feel About Vybz Kartel’s Appeal and the Verdict

Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 11:03 AM GMT-5

Since Vybz Kartel’s appeal was dismissed recently, the dancehall community has reacted, and some fans are blasting his attorney, Valerie Neita-Robertson.

Social Media erupted when it was announced in the media that the long-awaited verdict would be read. The Fans went crazy and predicted the best outcome and how they would react if the deejay was released. Some were not as enthusiastic about the outcome of the appeal and they voiced their distrust in the whole “Free World Boss” mania that has been going on. One fan said “dem nuh wah see ghetto utes have so much power, dem nah let him out”.

As the day began, the anticipation started rising even more as it was also announced the night before that the event would be Livestreamed.

It was clear that almost every Jamaican wanted to know the fate of the World Boss and his co-accused.

Jamaican social media was geared towards viewing only one thing. Many digital footprints went towards the historical happening, but there was, no good news for Kartel at the end.

The Privy Council hearing is what they will be looking forward to now however this is expected to take another 2 years before any Court proceeding starts.

A voice note that is circulating on social media is causing some Jamaicans to start thinking about the victim Clive “Lizard” Williams in a different way.

The video has a voice note in which there is a person rumoured to be Lizard’s mother saying Kartel and his co-accused will not be coming out of prison.

It’s common belief by many Jamaicans that Vybz Kartel was involved in the alleged killing given the circumstances however there was no solid evidence to tie the “worl’Boss” to the crime.


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