How to achieve desirable vocabulary

February 12, 2018

The importance of the vocabulary

Vocabulary is the fundamental part of any language. People learn new words continuously during the whole life. From the infancy, we discover the most basic, commonly used words that play vital role in our lives. As we grow, we start to obtain the more specific vocabulary from the handbooks, TV, magazines, fiction books etc. Some people stop there and learn only the words that they occasionally come across with. The others continue to embrace as much vocabulary as possible from the dictionaries, professional books, writing papers and so on. No one can know and understand every word of the language. However, the more words you know the easier and understandable the surroundings become. Vocabulary is the engine of the progress. Without it, we would not be able to invent, to discover, to develop. We would have returned to the caves and hunting as the only way to survive.


How to expand vocabulary

For centuries, people try to find the best way to build your vocabulary. Albeit, they still fail to find the universal method, they discovered several tricks that can help you to expand your vocabulary effectively. You can use those recommendations either for expanding your mother tongue vocabulary or to build the foreign language vocabulary.

Once you decided to build or expand your vocabulary, you should think rationally. If you will force the process, you will fail. If you will procrastinate, most likely you will fail. Do not try to learn as many words as possible for the short period. It is the long-term process that requires your willing, attention and patience.

At the first stage, find the way of learning that fits you most. Ask yourself about your interests, your preferences, and your schedule. Whether you like to study alone at home or in the group. Maybe, your brain works better in the public places as coffee shops or libraries. Do not start with the writing thesis or papers if you are not interested in that. Choose something that you want to read, watch or listen. You have to love the process of learning new words. For this reason, do your best to keep it interesting and fun.

One of the most effective practical advice is to expand your vocabulary into three directions. All you need is a paper, a pen, and three boxes. One box is for the words about something that you are interested in. For example, if you like farming, learn the words about it through the books, videos, writing papers and so on. Make sure that you write down the words you are not familiar with, and put them into the first box. The second one is for the words you hear and use daily. The general words that do not require any specific knowledge. However, your main work with this box is to find the synonyms for the familiar words. It may sound strange, but learning the synonyms expands your vocabulary noticeable and makes you more eloquent. The unfamiliar words that you hear occasionally have to go into the third box. The spontaneous words that come to your mind for no reason have to go into the same box. Imagine that you drink tea in your kitchen. Suddenly you ask yourself how people call that tool for making foam from the egg whites. You go and look for that word. When you find it, you write down the word “whisk” with an explanation and examples of using it and put into the third box. Do not forget to review the words in the boxes on the regular basis. Try to use them when you have such opportunity in order to keep them in the long-term memory.

Remember that your work will pay off. With the rich vocabulary, you will succeed in writing essay samples, speaking or listening. You will become an interesting interlocutor, successful student and a valuable worker.



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