How To Choose a Car for Family Getaway

Travelling with your family can be both wonderful and terrible if you don’t prepare well.  The car you drive matters a lot. In order not to be nervous and not to worry throughout the trip, you should choose the right vehicle.

What is the best car for a trip out of town with family and children? Is it the one that offers more space, the one that has innovative technology or the one that has beautiful design?

Today we offer you to sort out everything so that your next trip with your family, whether for 1 or 10 days, will become as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Features for Kids

If you plan a trip with children, the car should have everything you need for this. We all understand that children behave differently from adults – they are less neat, rarely sit in one place for a long time and make a lot of noise. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that after a few hours of the road, food crumbs, spilled drinks, etc. may appear in the car. It is best to choose those cars that have a water-repellent seat upholstery. This will save your finances and you will be less likely to use dry cleaning services.

The various entertainment devices on the back of your seats are also a great option if your kids are fidgety – they can sit still for longer than holding an iPad.

If you rent a car in car rental NYC RealCar, you can choose among premium options with the best possible seat upholstery.


The car you choose for your family should have a lot of storage space, because it is rare to travel light with kids. As a rule, you take with you all kinds of toys, extra clothes and shoes, various devices, etc.

Modern SUVs have increased capacity and are the best choice for families with children. For example, a Range Rover Velar (

However, check the storage space (trunk) in advance so that you don’t have to carry everything in a large car interior. If you plan to use this car also for transporting things, then the folding back seats will be ideal in this case.

High Safety

A car for a family trip should be safe in the first place. When choosing a vehicle, you should pay attention to such parameters as:

Collision Avoidance Technology – many modern cars have an on-board computer that can determine the likelihood of an accident. When you are traveling with children and they can distract you all the time from the road, this feature will be more than necessary on your trip.

Airbags – they should be not only for those who sit in the front seats, but for all passengers.

Blind Spot Assistance – Every car has a blind spot due to the way the mirrors are installed. The side camera will be a great helper in this situation.

Many Doors

A car with three doors will be an excellent choice for a trip somewhere just with your beloved one. However, for 3+ people, this can lead to a lot of inconveniences. Children will want to get out of the car more often than you, so the option with more doors will be more comfortable.

Additional Features

In addition to all of the above, we also recommend choosing a car specifically for your family and considering your lifestyle, your preferences and type of travel. If you take a car for a picnic trip an hour from your city, the car should be just comfortable. If you plan to go camping with tents for the weekend, the car should have completely different characteristics – it should have enough space for all family members and baggage and it should be able to drive in the most difficult places. The number of children, bags, the presence of dogs – it all matters when choosing an ideal car for your wonderful trips somewhere with your family.

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