How To Learn To Write Essays And Where To get Inspiration 

June 7, 2022

Now more and more people need to know how to write quality articles: bloggers, journalists, advertisers, and even students. It’s good for business, as a hobby, and for self-development. So how do you learn how to do it and when you need to pay someone to write my paper​​?

How to write articles

To succeed in this field, you need to follow at least a minimum of rules. And they do not need to be taught, it’s enough just to remember! We were all taught to write articles in class at school. Remember how you were puzzled over your essay on “1984”? That’s what copywriting is.


First, you have to choose what to write about. In fact, it’s not so easy to find an off-the-beaten-path topic that will also be interesting to a large number of people. Another option is to write about what you like, but first, look at what search engines give out on the first page for this query, and write better. Much better!

Sometimes, of course, you just want to write about something, regardless of the “weather” about your mood, impressions of the movie, thoughts about life. If you won’t – write, but do not forget that this topic may be unpopular.

Before you start writing, you need to gather as much information as possible, find a couple of fun facts, and some statistics, analyze it all, and then make an article plan. Of course, those who have been writing for a long time do not need a plan in most cases: the scheme of writing itself is formed in the head, and it becomes clear what to write and why. But for a beginner, in order not to sit in front of a blank monitor, it is better to sketch a plan of work right away.

Usually, an article consists of the following parts:

  • Announcement – a brief summary or just an explanation of why you decided to write on this topic (this is often done by bloggers who write in the first person). It should indicate why the article will be of interest to the reader and what he or she will learn from it.
  • Introduction – facts, existing views on the problem in question, statistics. The issues you want to consider in the article.
  • Your vision of the problem and the thesis statement – the largest part of the article, where the author states his judgment and argues it, gives comparisons and reveals the topic. The main task here is not to pour water, write only on the merits. It depends on whether the reader will see a professional approach to the matter, whether he will find fresh thoughts on the subject, and whether he will feel the author’s style, depending on whether he stays with you or not.
  • Conclusions and recommendations are the conclusions of what the author wanted to convey to readers.

The plan can very depending on the topic, the author’s style, the length of the text, and other factors. In addition, it is not necessary to write in order, because no one can see that you started in the middle or even at the end. The main thing – is to start. Gradually there will be a clear picture of the future article.

If the inspiration is gone, you should not force yourself to work. It is better to get up from the computer and do something else: drink tea, fluff the pillow, wash the dishes, do the warm-up or take out the trash. In 10 minutes you can go back to work.


When the article is ready, let it rest and look at it the next day – you’ll find many interesting things, maybe even rewrite everything. The final version should be carefully checked for errors. You can use special services for this purpose.

Why we write

When you have your own blog and need to write there all the time, one of the serious problems is motivation. How do you write articles if your blog is young, brings only losses, visitors are scarce, and there are no comments?

In general, everyone has different motives: some people blog for money, others – to fulfill themselves, and others – because everyone is doing it. So for some people, the best motivator will be a photo of an expensive thing on their desktop, for others – the first real money earned on the Internet, and for others – the attention of readers and their comments. The first thing to do is to sit down and think about what motivates you best.


My motivation is the desire to share information and to leave useful thoughts for readers. To be not just an observer, but also a creator, a little creator. Sometimes, of course, there is laziness, and sometimes this state lasts a long time, but we are all human. Sooner or later inspiration comes, or an event happens that you want to tell about, and everything returns to normal.

Searching for inspiration:

  • Read the comments on the entries on the website.



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