How to Wear A Watch: for Men and Women

Wristwatches come in all shapes and sizes. How to wear a watch correctly? You may wear this accessory both to know what time it is or simply as a fashionable attribute. We also wear wristwatches to give a hint to the surrounding people about your individuality. Thus, you may wear a quirky watch with Mickey Mouse ears or a respectable and expensive watch such as Rolex with diamonds, for example. Of course, the Mickey Mouse watch won’t help you pick up a beauty from Maria Dating, but Rolex has every chance here.

You can wear the watch on both the right and the left wrist. Choose which option will be more comfortable for you. However, most people traditionally wear watches on their left wrists. There is a simple explanation to this fact: most people are right-handed, so it’s easier for them to wind up their watches with the right hand.

There are ordinary wristwatches (they are for everyday use), jewelry watches, sports watches, as well as respectable watches (they often have their unique design). The choice depends on the reason why do you wear it in the first place. Besides, not to be confused with the terms: watches include wristwatches, pocket watches, bracelet and pendant watches. The dial may be analog, electronic and quartz one.
Your everyday watch should be neutral and reliable, as you wear them when being at work, on a business trip and simply resting.
The stainless steel watch is very popular nowadays, although many people prefer other materials, for example, plastic and rubber.

In case if you are planning a special occasion such as a wedding, funeral, a dinner party, opera or theater visit, you should wear other watches designed specifically for such cases. It should be a watch made of expensive metals, for example, silver, gold or platinum. Their diameter should not exceed four centimeters. Such watches should have an analog dial, and the watch itself should have a very restrained design.
Keep in mind that the watch for your gala occasions should be made of the same metal as the jewelry you wear. So, if a woman wears a platinum necklace, then the watch should also be made of platinum. And if a man has gold cufflinks, the watch should also be made of gold.

If you do sports regularly, it is a must to have a suitable sports watch. Sports watches are designed specifically for those people who dive, run, participate in races, etc. Having such a watch, you will not help you be aware of the time, but also measure the depth or the speed, as well as use the watch as a compass.
Furthermore, you can wear them with a long-sleeved shirt and even a tie. However, fashion experts do not recommend wearing a sports watch with strict suits.

Such a watch should have a black or brown leather strap. Besides, you can wear it both with semi-formal clothing, like a blazer, and a suit or an evening gown for a woman.
Try to choose a watch so that it will be easy for you to combine it with your belt and shoes. It will make you look stylish and will demonstrate your perfect taste.
According to the rules of wristwatch wearing, it is not permissible for a man to wear a watch that will hang around his wrist freely. They should fit your arm perfectly: not too narrow and not too loose.

In addition to wristwatches, pocket watch has become popular recently. Most often they are worn by men. Usually, men put such a watch into a jacket pocket, while the chain is pulled through the buttonhole, and put the watch puller into the pocket on the other side.
If you wear jeans, you can put a pocket watch into the pocket of your jeans, stretch the chain through a belt loop and leave the puller free to hang.
Women can also wear a pocket watch to emphasize their vintage image.

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