How to write an essay without common mistakes

[Sharingbuttons]The essay writing is the toughest part of the whole studying process. No matter how often you are doing that, it is always a torture. The difficult or even philosophic questions, many spelling and grammatical requirements. You never know how to write it properly especially if you have limited time for that activity.

Honestly, the writing process can be extremely stressful as you can make the accidental writing mistakes along with the mistakes caused by the lack of ideas. No wonder that it is as challenging as that. While writing essay, you have to have your own thoughts or ideas, analyze them, and write them down without mistakes and poor sentences’ constructions. The only way to improve your skills to write is to practice regularly. However, a bunch of useful recommendations can help you to avoid occasional mistakes and focus on the content of the essay.

How to improve the writing skills You face the formal or academic essay-writing task everywhere: at school, at university or college, on the external independent exams. The particular demands, the special features, and the different topics can be confusing. Anyway, you can start to write essays better with several checked hints.
Remember that without contractions your essay will be better. Just write down “do not” instead of “don’t” or “have not” instead of “haven’t”. Contractions reduce the formality of your essay, without them, the text looks more natural. Even if you got used to using them everywhere, stop doing that while writing essays.

Also, take the constructions “there is” and “there are” off from your essay. Try to use the different sentence structure that sounds stronger. For instance, replace “There are many problems the new workers can face” with “The new workers can face many problems”. You will reduce the number of unnecessary words in your essay and avoid the long, heavy constructions. Thus, the text will look clearer and more appropriate.

Furthermore, it is better to remove from your essay the words “really”, “very”, “a lot” etc. Some students believe that with such words the ideas seem more enhanced. In reality, they are nothing but water, excessive non-valuable words. Get rid of the weak words and you will have more useful room for something important.
The next tip relates to the passive voice. If you can write down the active form, do it. The essay looks more formal and stronger with an active voice. Moreover, the ideas with an active voice are clearer, easier to understand. You can link an object with an action faster. For example, turn the sentence “The biggest family secret was discovered by the youngest son” into “The youngest son discovered the biggest family secret”. Eliminating the passive voice is not necessary, but it would be better to use it less.

The final piece of advice states that the strong verbs make your writing better. You will get more marks for using verbs “to assist”, “to object”, and “to audit” instead of “to give assistance”, “to make an objection” or “to do an audit”.
The ability to write great essays will lead you to the varied advancements. Try to get as much writing help as possible. Use essay writing services like, studying sites, countless channels, to improve your writing and become more confident with it. Ask for feedback, watch the videos, read the recommendations, work on your mistakes. When you get high marks for your essays, you start to like the writing process.

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