Huge Shark Snatches Fish from Fisherman’s Line – Watch Video

A video surfaced online of a great white shark snatching a fish from a fisherman’s line. The fisherman, who had hooked a big fish, was shocked, along with his crewmates, to see a shark take his catch when they were pulling up the line.

The short footage began with someone assisting the fisherman in pulling in the line, which was apparently too heavy to reel in. However, the fish surfaced between the teeth of a shark, which instantly drew exciting cheers from those aboard the boat.


The shark tossed the fish from its mouth before submerging and seemingly leaving with the fisherman’s catch. The video ended immediately after with cheers from the crew.

One person reacted to the video by saying, “The shark got startled when they started yelling.” Another wrote, “I would’ve jumped on that mf n started stabbing.”

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Watch the video of the shark below:

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