“Human Torch” Sets Guinness World Record for Longest Distance Run by Individual While on Fire Without Oxygen – Watch Video

Dubbed the “Human Torch,” French firefighter Jonathan Vero has set the Guinness World Record for the longest distance full-body burn run without oxygen.

Vero, who also works as a professional stuntman, has always had a passion for fire and performs fire acts, including fire juggling, fire eating, and setting his entire body on fire.

The firefighter trained for three months to increase his endurance and breathing as he desired to push the limits as well as himself as a fire artiste.

Donning a protective suit for his blazing run, Vero broke the previous record of 204.23m, engulfed in flames during a 272.25m run in his home town.

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Clocking in at 17 seconds, Vero also nabbed the Guinness World Record for the fastest full-body burn in a 100m sprint without oxygen.

Watch the video below.

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