Hurricane Elsa Downgrades To Tropical Storm after Damaging Buildings and Killing One In St. Lucia

On its gusty trajectory through the Caribbean, Hurricane Elsa is bringing with it a lot of rain, however, St. Lucia experienced more than that as they had several buildings destroyed and one person dead.

According to the Prime Minister of the island, Allen Chastanet damage assessments are being done at this time to help impacted residents get back on their feet.


Amongst the buildings destroyed in St. Lucia was the Bocage Secondary School, however, the Prime Minister is looking to build it back even stronger. He also gave his condolences to the family of the man who died at the hands of the natural disaster in the area of Fond St Jacques.

So far the National Emergency Management Organisation in, St. Lucia has advised the people that it is safe to come out as the assessment preparations take place. According to Chastanet, a meeting will be held on Sunday which will be dealing with the preparations for the assessment of the damages caused by the hurricane and will see cabinet members, as well as other stakeholders, being hosts.

At this point according to storm watchers, Hurricane Elsa is said to be moving at 75 MPH and is now off the coast of Hispaniola looking to reach close to Jamaica and Cuba by Sunday, moving into Florida Strait afterwards.

Good news for Jamaica has the hurricane as been downgraded to a tropical storm again hours, before impacting the island, however, heavy rainfall could cause severe damages across the island.

Learn more from the video below.

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